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Shower Door Types

Pivot style glass shower door
Swing Door

Pivot Shower Doors

A pivot shower door is a swinging door that has a pivot hinge allowing the door to open in either direction.

Neo angle style glass shower door
Swing Door

Neo-Angle Shower Doors

For a small bathroom, a neo-angle shower door can be a real space saver, since a corner shower door configuration cuts across the 90° angle.

Neo angle steam glass shower door
Swing Door

Steam Doors

A steam shower door design is intended to be steam tight from floor to ceiling and along all seams, allowing a shower to double as a steam room.

Capri style glass shower door
Sliding Door

Capri (Barn Style)

The Capri Series Single Sliding Door System features a unique circular header with complementary round rollers that together provide a contemporary industrial aesthetic. Four durable stainless steel rollers provide quiet and effortless operation.

Cambridge style glass shower door
Sliding Door


The Cambridge double sliding shower door is the only truly frameless bypass shower door and allows convenient entry from the left or right side. It uses minimal hardware to produce an in-demand all-glass look.

Jambless bypass style glass shower door
Sliding Door

Bypass/Jambless Bypass

Bypass shower doors provide an ease of use with a more conventional look. Available in a jambless option.

Shower Glass Options

The thickness of the glass in your shower door depends on structural and design factors.

  • Frameless doors need glass that is at least 3/8-inch thick. For thicker and more luxurious feeling frameless doors, many people choose glass that is 1/2-inch thick.
  • Generally, the thicker and heavier the glass is, the more stable and easier to glide the door will be.
Clear shower door glass


Clear glass is the most popular shower door option for a few obvious reasons: it lets light in, it’s clean looking, and it makes a bathroom appear to be bigger than it actually is.

Frosted shower door glass


Frosted glass is ideal if you need a shower door that offers privacy while still allowing in light from outside the shower stall.

Textured shower door glass

Rain or Textured

Rain or textured glass offers a unique decorative appearance that is ideal for bathrooms with more natural stylistic elements. Ask about other texture options.

Hardware/Handle Options

Standard C-Pull handles

Standard C-Pull

Arch Style Back to Back Handles

Arch Style

Square Style Back To Back Handles

Square Style

Antique Style Back to Back Handles

Antique Style

Square Ladder Pull Back to Back Handles

Square Ladder Pull

Traditional Series Solid Back to Back Handles

Traditional Series Solid

Mitered Style Back to Back Handles with Washers

Mitered Style w/Washers

Circular Back to Back Handles


Deluxe Solid Back To Back Diameter Handles

Ergonomic Style Handles

Half Round Mitered Handles

Half Round Mitered Handles

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